AACH Goes to Florida in August for ‘The National by FCA’

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Marge Roberts, President AACH and CEO Newton Homeopathics, and Robert J. Barnhill, Program Coordinator AACH and Practitioner Liaison Newton Homeopathics, travel to Orlando, Florida 24-27 August 2017 to participate in ‘The National by FCA,’ the world’s largest event for chiropractic.

A premier conference and trade show venue, The National by FCA (Florida Chiropractic Association) will host more than eighty speakers and four hundred vendors over four days at the iconic Hyatt Regency Orlando. The hotel’s National Expo Floor will showcase vendors offering the latest in chiropractic services, equipment, and products such as Newton complexes. Chiropractic experts from around the world will talk about a range of topics including among others acupuncture, autism, endocrinology, nutrition, internal medicine, and of course, homeopathy!