AACH Course Requirements


To receive a certificate of completion, the student is required to complete and submit, for examination and discussion, all review worksheets, quizzes, and final examinations provided throughout the entire course. The levels of application and understanding standards are less rigorous than for earning a diploma and DAHom recognition. Certification is most often utilized by those individuals not wishing to enter practice but who desire structured education in the use of clinical homeopathy for family members and friends.


In order to earn an AACH diploma and use the title DAHom, the student is required to satisfactorily complete a dissertation in addition to the review worksheets, quizzes, and final examinations included throughout the course. The student must submit a detailed description of the treatment of an actual patient (in the form of a case study), which may be the student herself, a family member, or friend. We are interested in the way that the student follows the patient from diagnosis, to remedy selection, and response from the remedies.


Submitted work must be the student’s own. The student may also use other homeopathic writings outside of this course and personal, self-directed research in the field, such as provings or theoretical considerations, to write their dissertation. The case study/dissertation must be based on the clinical approach as discussed in this course.


The paper must be typed. It may be submitted in hard copy or electronic form. For blind students, a tape is acceptable.


The certificate of completion and diploma awarded to the student by the American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy is not a license to practice homeopathy and/or medicine of any form. In the United States, medical licenses are granted by state agencies and/or other local administrative jurisdictions. In view of this, the course provides a structured way to learn and gain insight into the realm of clinical homeopathy, develop competency in clinical homeopathy modalities, and provide guidance to individuals interested in clinical homeopathy. The course does not implicitly or explicitly provide any form of licensure to practice medicine.


Study Assistance

If you have questions on the content of this course, problems in your practice, or in treating yourself or your family with homeopathy, you may call 770.922.2644 or our toll free line at 800.448.7256.  If we are unavailable, please leave a detailed message with your question or concern and a convenient time to return your call.  If you prefer, you may also submit your questions by traditional mail and/or e-mail. As an educational entity, we are unable to engage in a doctor/patient relationship and cannot prescribe. We are, however, available to assist in the understanding and application of this course.

Please address your correspondence to American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy, 455 Gees Mill Business Court NE, Conyers, GA 30013 and e-mail us at info@aachomeopathy.com.