Program/Course Requirements

 Will I Earn a Certificate or Diploma?


To receive a Certificate of Course Completion, AACH students are required to complete all review worksheets, quizzes and final examinations throughout the Course. Of note, students are given two attempts to take a review quiz with a minimum passing score of 70. A final examination may also be taken twice but requires a minimum passing score of 75. Unless otherwise noted, the worksheets, quizzes and final exams will be based on the chapter texts and will not include information in the handouts and audio lessons. The multi-media and chapter handouts, the audio lessons and the ‘further reading’ section in the Appendix are only for your further edification and understanding.

If you have purchased a hardcopy version of the Course, the hardcopy will include copies of the Review Worksheets but will include only those handouts that are referenced in the quiz and final exam. I would strongly encourage you to spend time on the internet version of each Course. Take advantage of the reinforcement that the videos, audios and additional references offers. You will be missing out on the full benefit of the course if you restrict your internet access to chapter and final quiz fulfilment. All quizzes must be completed on the AACH Thinkific platform at

The standards for receiving a Certificate of Course Completion are less rigorous than the requirements established for a Diploma. Certifications of Course Completion are generally sought by students not wishing to enter practice but rather those who seek a unique learning experience for personal enrichment and desire structured education in the practical use of homeopathy for family, friends and self.

To receive a Diploma and DAHom designation, students are required to successfully submit a written dissertation in addition to completing all review worksheets, quizzes and the final examination for each Course of the Clinical Homeopathy Program, Course I, Course II, Course III, Course IV and Course V. In other words, all five Courses must be successfully completed before undertaking the written dissertation. The dissertation student must submit a detailed description of the treatment of an actual patient in case study form. The patient may be the student herself, a family member, a friend and/or colleague. We are interested in documenting the way the student follows the patient from anamnesis to diagnosis to remedy selection and above all, to the patient’s response to remedies used during the course of treatment.

All work must be the student’s own. The student may, however, refer to other approved resources to write their dissertation including, among others, books, journals and peer-reviewed research. The case study and written dissertation must be based on the clinical homeopathy approach as presented and discussed throughout the Clinical Homeopathy Program. The dissertation paper itself must be typed and submitted to AACH in either hard copy or electronic form. Please note that an audio tape is considered acceptable for those students who are blind.

Neither the Certificate of Course Completion nor Diploma is a license to practice medicine of any form. In the United States, such licenses are granted only by state medical boards and/or government-approved professional associations. As such, AACH Courses provide a structured way for students to gain knowledge about the fascinating world of clinical homeopathy and develop competency in its theoretical principles and practical applications.

Please be sure to read our Medical Disclaimer, located just a click away in the upper right-hand corner of our Course page near your log in tab. As an educational entity, we are unable to engage in a doctor/patient relationship and offer personal medical advice. We are, however, happy to assist with your understanding and practical application of our Course materials.

If you have questions and/or comments regarding Course content, please call us at 800.448.7256.

You may also contact us via traditional mail and e-mail. Please address written correspondence to American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy, 455 Gees Mill Business Court NE, Conyers, GA 30013 and send your e-mail to