Frequently Asked Questions

Are homeopathic remedies affected by extreme temperatures?
Why are homeopathic ingredients listed in Latin?
Are NEWTON remedies gluten-free and safe for individuals with sensitivities?
Is the alcohol in liquid remedies safe for kids and pets?
Do larger individuals need to take more than the standard NEWTON adult dose?
What if a pet chews on the glass dropper or becomes uncooperative?
Can homeopathy be taken to prevent illness such as flu and measles?
Liquid or pellets? Which is better?
How long does it take for homeopathy to work?
Is it safe to take homeopathic remedies for extended periods of time?
How are homeopathic remedies sold?
Can homeopathic remedies be taken with conventional drugs and dietary supplements?
Are there side effects?
What kind of homeopathic training and certification is there?
Where may homeopathic medicines be purchased?