Our History

The American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy (AACH) was founded in 1991 by renowned Belgium homeopath Luc Chaltin. The AACH is dedicated to educating others in the practice and art of clinical homeopathy. AACH has a reciprocal relationship with Newton Laboratories, Inc., a manufacturer of quality homeopathic remedies. Also founded by Dr. Chaltin, Newton Laboratories, Inc. manufactures complexes used in clinical homeopathy as well as single remedies that are used by Classical Homeopaths and their clients.

Using the clinical approach to homeopathy, Dr. Chaltin healed himself of tuberculosis in the 1960s and then began treating patients in Europe using his newfound knowledge. He soon left his career as an engineer behind and focused full-time on healing others. After treating hundreds of patients in Europe, he left Belgium to come to America in 1983, where he began to treat patients throughout the eastern United States.

Dr. Chaltin however, had a desire to use his successful technique to help more people than he could possibly reach as a consultant. In 1987 at the age or 64, when most people are thinking of retirement, Luc began Newton Laboratories, a homeopathic manufacturing company.

In 1991, with a desire to teach others his technique, he formed the American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy and began publishing a Correspondence Course for both practitioners and for those who wanted to take care of themselves and their families.  It is through the concepts taught in this course that many are able to utilize homeopathy as a useful tool in promoting health and healing.

In addition to the correspondence course, the AACH also presents seminars throughout the year. These seminars consist of one- and two-day events geared toward helping health food store personnel and practitioners become comfortable with homeopathy and increase their ability to assist customers and patients with confidence.

Graduates of the AACH also present educational lectures at health food stores, community events, professional meetings, tradeshows, and conferences. AACH Alumni are also invited to submit articles and/or case studies to be posted on this website to teach others. Our goal in all presentations, whether through the formal correspondence course or the impromptu presentation at a health food store, is to educate and promote the wonderful healing art of homeopathy with emphasis on the clinical approach.

In 2004, Dr. Chaltin turned over the day-to-day operations of Newton Laboratories and the AACH to Marjorie Roberts. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in the field of Education, Ms Roberts is committed to continuing the legacy of natural healing and education that Dr. Chaltin began.