Patient Health History

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Name: Jane Doe

Age: 68 – 69    Weight: 120     Height: 5’6”    Ideal Weight: 120 (small frame)  Female


Excretory: Liver: I had Hepatitis (probably A) at age 6 – 7 years old and was out of school for approximately 6 weeks. The prescribed diet included liver several times a week and skim milk instead of whole milk. No kidney, bladder or gallbladder problems.


Respiratory: I experience a lingering cough with difficult expectoration accompanying a cold. No other respiratory complaints.


Digestive: As a child I had chronic constipation with gas and bloating. After changing to a healthier diet approximately 35 years ago, constipation is rare. I still had some problems with gas and bloating until eliminating wheat about 10 years ago. A nutritionist diagnosed low hydrochloric stomach acid about 20 years ago and recommended Betaine HCL with Pepsin to increase production of stomach acid which I continue to take to facilitate protein digestion. I also take a broad spectrum digestive enzyme. Although not medically diagnosed as hypoglycemia, I had many symptoms before taking a chromium supplement.


Circulatory: I had history of low blood pressure (90+/60+) until starting homeopathic remedies to normalize blood pressure several years ago. I have small varicose and spider veins originating during pregnancy.


Female: Menstrual periods were regular lasting about 5 days with no cramping or heavy bleeding. Menopause occurred at age 50 with terrible hot flashes until consulting a nutritionist about 20 years ago and starting a healthier diet of more organic foods and less meat. I suffered from painful fibrocystic breasts until after menopause and eliminating caffeine from my diet. I also had a uterine fibroid causing some nerve pain from pressure on a nerve, but no heavy bleeding. The fibroid dissolved after menopause.


Nerve: I experienced sciatica from a herniatated disc in 1983 and had a lumbar laminectomy in the fall of 1983. No problems since the surgery, but need to avoid lifting heavy objects.


Skin: I had an allergic reaction to penicillin as child and from codeine as a young adult, both causing an outbreak of hives. I had acne as a teenage and young adult and rosacea as an adult. I also had eczema on my left hand for a short time as an adult. I have moles and “liver” spots. One mole was removed about 30 years ago and was diagnosed as lentigo maligna. No other malignancy to date.


Joints/bones: I had arthritis in my right hand about 15 years ago – none now. I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and arthritis in lumbar region of spine, but have no pain from it.


Hypothyroidism: Diagnosed about 10 years ago and take Thyroid Assist and added seaweed to my diet.




Patient Treatment


In August of 2012 I began taking a magistral for Deficiency Syndrome even though I had taken the Detoxifier, Bowel Digestive Care and Rheumatic-Joint Care for many years. The remedies I chose for the magistral in 10x potency were:

Digitalis and Lachesis for Circulatory support: Digitalis to stimulate heart function and increase blood circulation and Lachesis for better capillary function distributing oxygen and nutrients to all pasts of the body.

Baptisia, Lycopodium, Rhus toxicodendrion, and Pulsatilla for Digestive support: Baptisia to improve absorption of nutrients by the small intestines, Lycopodium for better pancreas function, Rhus tox and Pulsatilla for high protein diet.

Antimonium tartaricum to strengthen the respiratory tract, Sulfur iodatum to regulate respiratory functions, and Sepia for dry cough (beginning with tickling in larynx).

Bryonia because of Hepatitis induced jaundice as a child and Nux vomica as the greatest polycrest according to Boericke good for Liver Disorders (Murphy).

Calcarea phosphorica for Osteoporosis, affecting the nutrition of bones (Murphy)

Natrum muriaticum as a constitutional remedy as recommended by Helen Dumba (she has since said my constitutional type is Arsenicum alb)

I added the following capsules in 15x potency taken at 1 a week for 8 weeks.

Bryonia, Nux vom, Nat mur, Baptisia, Lycopodium, Digitalis, Antimonium tart and Calc phos



First Patient Re-evaluation


I could not discern any difference at the end of taking this magistral so the next magistral in October of 2012  I included the following remedies in 10x potency:

Kept Digitalis and Lachesis for Circulatory support.

Added the polycrests Arsenicum alb (for chronic conditions, dry skin and as constitutional remedy according to Helen) and Phosphorus (for action on mucous membranes and circulatory system).

Kept Nat mur for its benefit for mucous membranes, digestion  and metabolism.

Kept Baptisia, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla and Rhus tox for digestive support and added Iris for better nutrient absorption from small intestines and for pancreas support.

Kept Antimonium tart, Sulfur iodatum and Sepia for respiratory support.

Added Graphites and Petroleum for Blepharitis and dryness of mucous membranes.

Added Carbo vegetabilis, Flouricum acidum and Thuja occidentalis moles-Naevi (Boericke pg. 910)

Added Iodium and Thyroidinum for thyroid support.

I did not add Bryonia and Nux vom to magistral as I resumed taking the Detoxifer which contains these remedies.

The following capsules in 15x potency were taken at 1 week intervals:

Arsenicum alb, Phosphorus, Nat mur, Antimonium tart, Graphites, Petroleum, Thuja and Iodium

After taking this magistral for several months I noticed fewer problems with Blepharitis and dry skin and some moles had decreased in size and my digestion was better.




Second Patient Re-evaluation


In February I changed the magistral to include remedies for varicose veins as I was experiencing some burning sensations from the veins in my lower right leg. The remedies that I added in 10x potency were:

Aesculus hippocastanum and Aloe (Helen said Luc recommended using these 2 remedies together), Cactus grandiflorus (low blood pressure), Calc flour (Murphy), Cinchona officinalis (China), Hamamelis virginiana and Naja. All of these remedies except Aloe and Cactus are contained in the PRO Varicose Veins~Phlebitis complex.

I discontinued the Baptisia, Iris, Lycopodium and Pulsatilla as my digestion was improved. I also discontinued the Antimonium tart, Sulphur iodatum and Petroleum as my respiratory system was also improved.

The following capsules in 15x potency were taken at 1 a week for 8 weeks.

Arsenicum alb, Cactus, Calc flour, Digitalis, Natrum mur, Thuja, Graphites and Lachesis

By June the burning sensations from the varicose veins in my lower right leg had diminished considerably.



Third Patient Re-evaluation


In June 2013 I kept the almost identical magistral with 3 changes. I changed the Thyroidinum to 15x potency from 10x, added Baptisia again, and added Silicea (diseases of bones – Boericke) for osteoporosis to the previous magistral, both at 10x potency. The 8 capsules in 15x potency remained the same and were taken at 1 a week for 8 weeks. In addition to the magistral and capsules I have also been taking Symphytum (a bone remedy according to Murphy) 15x once a day for osteoporosis.





Results: I am free of symptoms of Hypoglycemia which I credit to taking a chromium supplement and homeopathic remedies such as Lycopodium, blood tests for TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), T4 and T3 show my thyroid to be functioning a normal range, Hypotenison is still somewhat problematic. I will ask my doctor if she will write a prescription for Crataegus as I believe the addition of this remedy would put my blood pressure in the range of 115/65 instead of 95/65. The pain from varicose veins in my lower right leg is almost completely gone and some of the other veins seem less prominent. It will take a long time to see results in regard to osteoporosis, but I feel confident that with proper diet, exercise and homeopathic remedies this condition will be reversed.