Prescribing Complex Remedies

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By Luc Chaltin, ND DIHom


The following approach has been updated since its original writing. As chronicity embeds itself in our increasingly toxic environment, a slight increase in potency may be needed.   Although the 10x potency is used when making an individualized complex, a variation from the 10x potency is implemented when using pre-formulated complexes. The system remains unchanged.

While prescribing remedies for the past 26 years, I have developed a system to treat chronic diseases that has the advantage of being simple and very effective at the same time. It is based on the observation that the problems always follow a certain pattern.

The first observation is that all chronic disease begins with an abnormal accumulation of toxins. This calls for the use of a detoxifying complex. In Europe, this is called a “drainer” complex because it drains accumulated toxins from the body. The complex contains botanical homeopathic remedies that are prescribed for their specific action on the liver and kidneys. If the remedies are made in a 10x-15x potency, the drainer complex needs only to be taken once a day. Because the liver starts working harder on detoxifying the body after 9:00 PM, it is important to take this remedy in the evening just before bedtime.

The second observation is that chronic diseases are complex and affect more than one system at a time. This makes it necessary to use several remedies at the same time in order to address the totality of the symptoms. Taking several different remedies during the day is difficult for most patients for several reasons: They either forget to take the remedies, or, if they have a job, they need to take the remedies with them, etc. It is easier for the patient to take all the necessary remedies at once, preferably in the morning, so that they don’t need to think about them during the day. The 10x-20x potency is ideal and needs to be taken only one time during the day. Another reason to choose the 10x-20x potency is that a higher potency may more easily cause a healing crisis, also called an aggravation at the beginning of treatment.

The third observation is that patterns in the different systems (such as the digestive and circulatory systems), and other patterns such as pain (as in rheumatoid arthritis), also follow the same development and demand certain remedies that repeat themselves in almost every patient. This is certainly true for a first approach when the symptoms are often not very clearly defined. On the other hand, some remedies are so fundamental and important for healing that they need to be prescribed even if other remedies are indicated. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis for instance, Rhus toxicodendron is a basic remedy that is recommended even if more specific remedies such as Ruta, Ledum or Rhododendron may  be simultaneously recommended. The use of a complex remedy, containing all the necessary remedies together, is the easiest way.

The morning complex is taken before breakfast, and contains the remedies that address the specific problems of the patient, e. g., rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, digestive problems etc. A NEWTON PRO 10x-20x potency complex for health practitioners  can be prescribed by a doctor or an individualized 10x potency complex can be formulated based on the patient’s problems. A chronic condition can only be eliminated if all the problems of the patient are addressed at once, and it is a fact that a chronic condition always involves more than one organ or system in the same patient at a given time. So multiple remedies are necessary to address the chronic problem.

To start this method of treatment, the NEWTON complexes can be used advantageously, and they save time for the busy doctor by relieving him or her of the work of  formulating a special complex for each patient. To make the choice of the right complex easier, a free Desk Reference booklet and PRO Protocol Guide is available, explaining how to use the different complexes. Important information, such as relationships with other diseases and Materia Medica references are also given.

The Use of Higher Potencies When Using Individualized Complexes

When making an individualized morning complex addressing the patient’s specific problem, the 10x potency is used. With these potencies there is little danger that an “aggravation” or “healing crisis” will occur. The 10x potency is effective in acute as well as chronic diseases. In the case of very weak patients whose metabolism is strongly reduced by a chronic disease (tuberculosis,  chronic asthma, osteoporosis, poly-arthritis, etc.), the patient will not react to the high or very high potency of a remedy, but will react gradually to a 10x potency prescribed daily.

After the patient reacts favorably and has gained some strength, then the treatment can be stepped up by using higher potency single remedies. Here, also, we go in steps and the next higher potency is 15x for individualized complexes and 30X-30C for pre-formulated PRO complexes.

Higher potencies are given in single remedy doses, and as a rule, the remedy is selected from the formula used for the patient. The remedies selected are those most needed by the patient at the time of prescription. For instance, if a patient is weak because of intoxication due to a malfunctioning liver, remedies such as Bryonia, Nux vomica or Chelidonium is prescribed in 15x. If the patient is very weak because of adrenal exhaustion, Arsenicum album is prescribed in 15x. In the case of asthma, it will be Antimoniuim tartaricum. In the case of circulatory problems, Digitalis and/or Crataegus would be used.

These remedies are combined in what is called in Europe a “cure,” namely a series of 15x remedies in a little box, each remedy for a different biological function of the patient that needs extra support. Because a 15x potency is active for about a week, a remedy is prescribed every week. The little box that I use contains 8 capsules, filled with 15x medicated powder (sucrose) and numbered from 1 to 8, so that the patient knows what to take and in what order. These eight capsules constitute an eight week treatment, which is the interval between two successive visits to the doctor by the patient.

To compile a series of eight capsules for a patient, I always start the series with an extra liver cleanser. I use Bryonia 15x first, followed a week later by Nux vomica 15x. If the liver is really the biggest cause of trouble, or if the gallbladder is inflamed or filled with stones, I use as the third capsule Chelidonium 15x. If not, I proceed to the next step which is to strengthen the patient by choosing the most significant remedy from the special prescription. This is either the constitutional remedy, the remedy for the most important symptom, or a remedy for pain.

The labels on the NEWTON complexes list the homeopathic remedies that make up the complex. To chose a higher potency for the patients cure, one of the remedies from the label can be chosen. The remedy that matches the patient’s symptoms the closest is preferred. This is determined with a Materia Medica, such as the Boericke. The most successful remedies in high potencies are the so-called “polychrests,” such as Bryonia and Nux vomica used for the liver detoxifying. These remedies cover wide ranges of symptoms and give good results.

There are some simple rules for the prescribing of the remedies:

  • In overweight patients, I always prescribe Kali carb. 15x after the liver polychrests.
  • In underweight patients, I prescribe Natrum mur. 15x.
  • Digestive problems: Baptisia 15x.
  • Respiratory problems: Antimonium tart. 15x.
  • Infection: Phosphorus 15x.
  • Sinus problems: Kali bichrom. 15x.
  • Sinus headache: Sticta 15x.
  • Circulatory problems: Digitalis and/or Crataegus 15x.
  • Arteriosclerosis: Cactus and/or Glonoinum 15x.
  • Adrenal exhaustion: Arsenicum alb. 15x.
  • Thyroid exhaustion: Iodium 15x.

If a practitioner wants to prescribe an eight-week course, she can order the 8 high potency capsules packaged in a small box with an insert explaining the way to take the remedies and the capsules from Newton Laboratories. If you formulate your own complexes, we will fill the custom prescription as well.


At the first visit, when the first eight-week treatment is prescribed, the patient is told to contact the doctor if something unusual happens. This contact is generally by phone and is usually only necessary to help the patient through the first days of the treatment when the body may react more or less strongly, and sometimes alarmingly as a healing crisis or aggravation occurs. The aggravation is a good sign as it indicates that the body is strong  and able to react to the remedies. If the reaction is too strong to be comfortable for the patients, the morning drops are not taken for 3 days, and when resumed they are taken in a lower dose (2 or 3 drops instead of 6, in sensitive patients 1 drop) for another 3 days. After that the drops are gradually increased to the normal dose.

After the 8 weeks are over, the patient comes back for a follow-up treatment. At that point, the progress made by the patient is evaluated and remedies are prescribed for the changed symptoms. The symptoms are generally clearer now because the body has been freed from toxins and the organs have been stimulated by the remedies.

In special cases, some problems may occur with pain symptoms. Because the patient is becoming healthier, it is possible that the complaints about pain increase. This is because the patient becomes more sensitive and also because the body starts reacting more violently to the toxic or damaged tissues.

Remember, the reason why chronic illness is difficult to diagnose is that the body’s metabolism is not vital enough to show the extent of the damage done. This is particularly true in the case of arteriosclerosis of the coronaries, which is dangerous and painless at the same time. A good way to diagnose troubles of this kind is to take the pulse. A “full” pulse with irregularity in the pressure, which is detectable under the practitioner’s finger, is a possible sign of the ailment.

Other signs include unexplainable weakness and fatigue, respiratory problems with oppression, red face and being overweight. Another situation that can be dangerous for patients suffering from this disease occurs in the aftermath of severe flu. Many heart attacks occur during a period of 6 months to one year after such infections.