Start a Resolution Revolution

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Marjorie Roberts               President/CEO of AACH


Some of us need a reason to change our habits. We may need a little shove or encouragement. As fate would have it, each year we are provided with the opportunity in the form of a New Year’s Resolution. It is a chance to create a revolution in our own lives.

Some say that they never make a resolution because they can never keep it anyway – so, why bother? I beg to differ. Did you quit trying to ride a bike because you fell off the first time? Did you give up on learning to drive because of a few fender benders? No, you didn’t. So why would you not set a goal each new year and give it your best? Remember, we are all a work in progress. If you fall off the bike, smash the car or break your resolution – just get up, brush yourself off and start again.

It can take up to 2 years to form a new habit. Be ready for all sorts of roadblocks, setbacks and diversions along the way. Stress, situational influences, self-indulgence or simply having a bad week can seem to throw you off your goal. But the only factor that can truly throw you off your goal is YOU. Those other obstacles just throw you off your PLAN. Keep going until the behaviors that keep you on your goal becomes your new habits.

It can take up to 2 years to form a new habit.

It’s interesting to note that most New Year’s Resolutions relate to health habits. This is a good thing! It means that most people accept the fact that one’s health is of utmost importance. What is your New Year’s Resolution? Quit smoking – Lose weight – Drink more water – Give up processed sweets – Give up sodas – De-stress – Eat more fruits and vegetables – Exercise…? Setting the goal is the first step, and it is an important one. Be clear about what you are going to do with your resolution.

Prepare yourself throughout December for your January launch. Psych yourself up; remember last month’s article about the power of your mind? Get a commitment from your family and friends to either support you or join you in your resolution revolution. Whatever your resolution, having motivation within yourself and encouragement in your immediate circle can get you on track and keep you there.

If you choose to quit smoking – do your research. Certain foods can decrease your nicotine cravings; you will want to stock up on them. Investigate supplements and homeopathics that can reduce your cravings, help with the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and detoxify your body. Maybe add a second resolution such as implementing a regular exercise program or a plan to increase your water intake, both of which complement your smoking cessation goal.

If you choose to lose weight – again, do your research. Know not only how much food to eat but what kinds of food to eat. Understand how certain foods or ingredients can make losing weight easier or more difficult. Choose food that is natural and organic, not food that is processed and filled with chemicals. Check out supplements and homeopathics to make the journey easier, because they can address your triggers. Some people overeat because of cravings, some because they have the blues, some because they are stressed or nervous. If you are a stress eater, find other ways to reduce stress, like having a weekly massage. Again, consider adding a second resolution such as implementing a regular exercise program to help you stay on target.

You get the picture. Whatever habit you choose to tackle during your Resolution Revolution, prepare for your revolution. Educate yourself – read and google with discernment; go to the East Metro Atlanta Health & Fitness Expo on January 28; learn from others who have had success with your resolution. Enlist support from family and friends. And most important – don’t give up! If you slip and fall, don’t just scratch the resolution and say you’ll try again next year. Start again, and if you need to – start yet again. Eventually you will win your resolution revolution.