The Danger of Free Radicals

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By Luc Chaltin, ND DIHom


Free radicals are molecules that are biochemically active but unstable. They are able to combine with many different kinds of tissue molecules in ways that are not sustaining to life. In the process, the metabolism of the tissues is altered, resulting in damaged or destroyed tissue that is unable to perform its normal function.

Free radicals may enter the body by way of the respiratory tract, but most of the free radical molecules are ingested with food as part of a wrong diet. Radicals are also formed by the immune system as a way to eliminate pathogens.

The body is able to neutralize free radicals provided that they are from a natural source and there are not too many. The amount of free radicals that can be handled by the body depends also on the energy of the body. As we become older, the body’s energy is reduced over time.

Free radicals are in many kinds of food but generally not in amounts that the body cannot handle. But some substances or foods contain exceptional amounts. One example is the substances used to color candy.

The biggest amount of free radicals comes from the food grown with chemical fertilizers. These soils are lacking the minerals and trace minerals that are necessary for healthy growth and therefore the food grown chemically is the most damaging for the health of the consumer. When food is heavily processed and exposed to high temperature lots of free radicals are also created. To avoid too many free radicals the only solution is to eat organically grown foods.

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