Using Newton Complexes for Intestinal Conditions

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By Luc Chaltin, ND DIHom


Homeopathy is wonderful for intestinal conditions such as indigestion, gas, pain, constipation, and diarrhea.

Most of these diseases are caused by poor eating habits and these habits upset the liver. The result is heaviness in the stomach region (fullness), accompanied by nausea, bloating and sometimes pain. The suggested complex formulated for these associated symptoms is the Indigestion-Gas complex.

If spoiled food or unripe fruit is eaten, the body reacts often with cramps and diarrhea. This type of problem is generally gone after a few hours. In other cases, diarrhea may be an ongoing problem because of some unwanted bacteria that are present in the bowels. In that case, the Diarrhea complex may be taken. The complex works best if taken every morning before breakfast and repeated during the day as necessary. Sometimes this type of diarrhea occurs immediately after a meal. To prevent the diarrhea, choose foods carefully and take the recommended Diarrhea complex immediately before every meal.

When the bowels are irritated for a long period of time by eating the wrong food,  elimination by diarrhea ceases and, after a while, normal function stops all together. When constipation occurs, it is a sign that the food is not right and that it has disturbed the digestive system. The liver is also involved and is generally loaded with toxins from the metabolism or from the foods that are not eliminated.

In order to manage constipation, or any other chronic disease of the digestive system, the liver needs to be helped. The Newton Detoxifier complex is recommended every night before retiring. Continue to do this until all the associated symptoms of chronic disease are gone. In addition to the Detoxifier the Constipation complex is recommended before breakfast and  should be repeated  one more time in the afternoon in order to obtain normal bowel function.

People who have had intestinal problems for a long time have the bloated bowels around the navel and this  becomes very painful. This condition is caused by the invasion of bacteria and yeast, and is very distressful. The treatment should include a diet of organically grown food, mostly vegetarian, with small amounts of fish rather than meat. The Detoxifier complex should be taken before bedtime every day. In addition to this, the Bowel Discomfort complex is also recommended, every morning before breakfast. The complex dose can be repeated before the meals in severe cases. It will take a long time, several weeks to several months, before severe forms of this kind of intestinal problem will be corrected.

Chronic problems with the intestine often result in hemorrhoids. They can be very painful or benign when the only problem is itching. In severe cases bleeding may occur. These are signs of chronic problems with the bowels, even if there is no pain or bloating of the bowels. A change in life style and eating habits, such as the change to organically grown food, as well as regular exercise, are necessary to change the symptoms for the better. In the mean time, the Detoxifier complex every night is recommended in conjunction with the Hemorrhoids complex every morning before breakfast. Repeat the Hemorrhoids in the afternoon if needed. When the hemorrhoids are very painful, the complex can be taken more often during the day.