Warts & Newton Complexes

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By Luc Chaltin, ND DIHom


Warts appear on the skin on all parts of the body and at all ages. It is one of numerous skin affections that is practically harmless. However, they are not appreciated by women and some men for aesthetic reasons.

The only really dangerous skin affliction is melanoma. It is a skin cancer and appears as a black, brown or otherwise discolored spot with an irregular border and a humid surface. It only appears on an individual who is not in good health.

Warts are not dangerous. They can be present for years without changing their size. When they increase in number, the patient’s health may be worsening. In other cases, they are caused by emotional stress.

In some cases, the warts are caused by irritating or toxic substances that come in direct contact with the skin or are suspended in the air (paint, sprays, chemical factories, cosmetics, etc.). American food is a sure source of thousands of chemicals and the most likely cause of every appearance of warts. The solution is switching to organically grown food.

Most of the time, a virus may be found as the cause of warts growing on the skin.

As I said before, emotions are involved with warts as well. I remember a story told by the mother of a 13 year old girl in Belgium. The girl had numerous warts for some time. One day, the mother told the girl she was tired of all the warts on the child’s skin and that they would go and see a doctor the next day to get rid of the warts. Something the girl hated and had refused to do before. When the girl woke up the next day, all the warts were gone and never came back.

Remedies for Warts as Identified in the Materia Medica

  • Antimonium crudum: Painful warts and thick, hard scabs.
  • Calcarea carbonica: Warts on the face and hands with unhealthy skin.
  • Causticum: Large jagged warts, oozing or bleeding easily, on tip of fingers and nose.
  • Dulcamara: Large, smooth warts on the face and the palm of the hands.
  • Nitricum acidum: Large, jagged warts, bleeding when washed.
  • Thuja occidentalis: Big, jagged, irregular warts, burning, oozing and itching; bleed easily; very sensitive to touch; of whitish or brown color; especially in the urogenital and anal area.


Because toxins are the most frequent cause of warts, it is recommended that the patient take the NEWTON Detoxifier every night for some time. At the same time, one or several of the previously mentioned remedies are taken in the morning and repeated during the day in the afternoon. The 15x potency is recommended. Good results may be obtained with Antimonium crudum and Thuja combined. An easier recommended approach is Newton’s Warts~Moles~Skin Tags complex, taken daily in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Success depends on different factors. In general, several weeks are sufficient to get rid of the warts. However, in some cases and depending on the person, it may take months.